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mtg Investors Group Mortgage

For most Canadians, choosing a first home is often influenced by what is affordable and practical, but not necessarily ideal.  As needs change and you become stronger financially, you may seek a new home - your dream home.


Perhaps your family is growing or you need more space and you want your home to better reflect your new lifestyle.  This may entail buying a new home or renovating your existing one.

Whether your mortgage is currently up for renewal or not, it may be time to establish a financial plan - or reassess the one you have - and restructure your mortgage to meet your long-term financial goals.

In most cases, restructuring will reveal additional uncommitted income that can be put to work for you.  This may be the right time to retire debts - or restructure them - and revisit your mortgage payment frequencies and amortization.  It can be a very exciting opportunity as you begin to see the rewards that come from a well-designed, comprehensive financial plan.