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Group RRSP

Who has the first claim on your paycheck?

Chances are it isn't you. Taxes, your mortgage or rent, loan payments and other regular expenses probably take more of your regular pay than you do yourself.

But it doesn't have to be that way....

With a Group RRSP from Investors Group you can put yourself on top of the list and pay yourself first.

A Group RRSP is a collection of individual RRSP accounts under the sponsering umbrella of an employer, union or chartered association.

A Group RRSP lets you save twice: first by reducing the income tax you pay now and second by putting money away for you future retirement.

Less income tax means more take-home pay so you can make sure you pay yourself first.

The Benefits of Contributing to a Group RRSP

Payroll Deduction
Flexible Contributions
Immediate Tax Savings
No Acquisition Costs
Competitive Returns
Personal Control of Investments
Professional Management Advice
Spousal Option
Easy Enrollment